Its very easy to get started to sell your items on the PopularFX Marketplace. You will only need to upload your item along with a screenshot, fill out some basic information, and set your price. We will then review your item and if necessary suggest changes. Once it's been reviewed and approved, your item will appear for sale on our marketplace.

Your themes will appear on our website, through our hosting partners within Softaculous Auto Installer (used by millions of users), within AMPPS and Webuzo as well. Users will be able to check your themes / plugins / templates and buy them. They will also be able to auto install the themes if purchased via Softaculous.

You will receive 60 - 70% of every sale for items sold exclusively on PopularFX Marketplace. If you sell the same content on other marketplaces or on your own site then you'll receive 50 - 60% of every sale.